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Some girls like PINK camo....

February 24, 2015





Okay ladies, I know the issue of pink camo always brings mixed emotions to the surface so I want to hear what you have to say.  Personally, I love pink -- they don't call me the Country Barbie for nothing (blue is still my favorite color though). 

The general belief is that deer only see blue and yellow, so that's why those blaze orange safety vests don't throw your hunt.  Personally, I think someone should start making them in hot pink!  You also have to be conscience that your clothing has not been enhanced with UV brighteners (which deer can see - test your clothing with a black light).  But other than that, more power to the ladies who hunt in pink camo.  I mean we did start Country Barbie clothing for country girls who like to wear pink...

So with all that being said, why do some people HATE pink camo so much?  I've never understood it.  If pink just isn't your thing, then ok, but no need to be hostile.  We like pink.  We like pink camo.  We do not hunt flamingos.





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