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Mud Season Essentials

April 1, 2015



What are your mud season go to's?

You know that period of time in between winter and spring?  Yeah, that's mud season.    When all the snow starts melting for the northern belles or the rain starts for my southern girls, and we are left with a muddy mess.  THAT is mud season.  Don't get me wrong, mud season is a blast!  (Unless of course you have a palomino named Dakota who loves to roll....)  But with the mucky mess, a girl NEEDS to be prepared. 


Rain boots - necessity!  You can find my black and pink rain boots from Wally World in my trunk AT ALL TIMES.  The mud cleans off of them easily and they are high enough that if and when I sink in the mud I don't have a new gel insole inside.  Make sure they fit decently though!  I've had a boot get sucked into the mud and was no longer on my foot... Anyone else have that problem? 


My hooded rain jacket is also another must have.  Do I really need to explain why? 


And of course my look pretty play dirty attire!  Let's be honest, there is no way to not be dirty this time of year, so we can do ourselves a favor and still look pretty! 

Do you have any must haves for this time of year?  Let me know!



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